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Notebooks & Paper

Notebooks are the canvas for your thoughts and ideas, whether you're in a meeting, a lecture or just jotting down notes at your desk. Our Concept collection offers a range of high-quality notebooks and paper to help you capture and organize your thoughts effectively.

Shorthand Notebook

160 pg 300 pg

Elevate your note-taking experience with our notebooks. Available in various sizes and designs, our notebooks provide a premium writing surface for your ideas and ensure you stay productive and organised.

Refill Pad

A4 160 pg

Capture and organize your notes with our refill pad. This versatile pad is ideal for jotting down important information, making lists, and keeping detailed records for easy reference.

Record Cards

White - 5×3" / 6×4" / 8×5" Color - 5×3" / 6×4" / 8×5"

Record and index important data with our record cards. These handy cards are perfect for creating flashcards, indexing references and maintaining concise information for easy retrieval.

Spiral Bound Record Cards

Color Yellow

Keep your data organized and easily accessible with our spiral bound record cards. These convenient cards are ideal for creating flashcards, indexing references, and keeping concise notes for quick and easy access.

Carbonless Duplicate Book

100 sheets - 8×5" 100 sheets - 4×5"

Efficiently document and duplicate vital information with our carbonless duplicate book. This essential tool ensures accurate record-keeping and easy referencing for various business needs.

Carbonless Invoice Duplicate Book

Carbonless Invoice Duplicate Book

8×5" 4×5"

Stay organized and keep precise records with the carbonless invoice book. This carbonless book provides a clear and accurate copy of your invoices, making it essential for all your documentation and record-keeping needs.

Carbonless Receipt Book

100 pg 30 pg

Keep your records organized and accurate with our carbonless receipt book. Designed to produce clear duplicates without carbon paper, this book is essential for maintaining thorough and reliable receipt records.