When last did you use a paper clip? With most of our documents stored digitally nowadays, it might have been a minute! But these office staples don’t deserve to be made relics of a bygone era - no, instead they can help you conquer the clutter in ways you never imagined! We're talking way beyond just keeping loose sheets together (a classic for sure, but there's more!). Let's explore the surprisingly effective and sometimes downright ingenious world of unconventional paper clip uses! 

Paper Clip Uses You Might Not Know About!

  1. Tech rescueAre you wondering how to get all that dust and debris out of those tiny crevices of your devices? Straighten a paper clip and use it to gently remove dust or lint from a charging port or your keyboard. You can also use the straightened clip to pry open a SIM card tray on most phones.

  2. DIY mobile stand: Do you precariously balance your phone while watching videos while you’re cooking or trying to follow a tutorial? There’s no need for an expensive phone holder! Bend a large paper clip into a U-shape with the opening at the top. The arms of the U can then act as a cradle to hold your phone upright.

  3. Snag snagged thread: Need an emergency sewing kit? You can use a straightened paper clip to fix snags and loose threads on the fly. If you snag a thread on your clothing, carefully maneuver the straightened clip under the button to release the snagged thread.

  4. Jewelry organizer: If you’re tired of not being able to see all your necklaces and bracelets with ease, you can organize them with straightened paper clips! Thread earrings through the straightened clips for easy organization and to prevent them from getting tangled in your jewelry box. You can even hang these looped clips on a corkboard or pegboard to create a visual display for your earrings and necklaces!

  5. Missing zipper fix: A paper clip can be a lifesaver when your zipper pull breaks. Simply bend a paper clip into a small U-shape. The opening of the U should be just big enough to loop onto the zipper tab. This will create a temporary puller to get your zipper back up and running.

  6. Mini screwdriver: The narrow end of a straightened paper clip can act as a tiny screwdriver. It might not be ideal for heavy-duty tasks, but it can be helpful for tightening loose screws on eyeglasses, watches, or other small items.

  7. Food bag closure: For those moments when you can't quite seem to wrestle a chip bag shut, a paper clip can come to the rescue. Simply fold down the open top of the bag and use a paper clip to secure it closed, creating a makeshift seal to keep your chips fresh.

  8. Holiday helper: The holiday season can be a time for crafting and decorating. Straightened paper clips can be useful for a variety of holiday tasks. Use them to hang ornaments on your tree or to string your Christmas cards across the mantle.

  9. Button buddy: A loose button on a favorite shirt can be a real pain. If you find yourself in this situation, thread a paper clip through the shank of the button and loop it around the buttonhole to secure it in place. This temporary fix will keep your shirt looking neat until you can properly sew the button back on.

  10. Fresh scent solution: Looking to freshen up your space, but your refillable air freshener is missing a diffuser stick? No problem! Create a makeshift diffuser by soaking a cotton ball with essential oils. Attach the cotton ball to a straightened paper clip and clip it to an air vent in your home or car. The circulating air will gently push the essential oil scent throughout the space.

The Final Clip

Paper clips have potential uses way beyond just holding sheets of paper together! They’re a handy helper for keeping things organized and saving the day with on-the-go quick fixes. Explore our range of paper clips here.